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McKinney Plaza


Omaha, Nebraska


The proposal for McKinney Plaza is to transform an existing grocery store into a modern and dynamic multi-tenant facility. The plan is to add lightweight elements to the building's organizational structure by removing the existing skin and introducing a performative skin made of solid and diaphanous scrim panels that reference the existing metal structure. These panels will float over the existing frame to create new spaces by blurring the boundaries between them. The new design will create special interior conditions that seek to unify the users' experience by using height, coverage, and scale, and the light will penetrate the spaces at different times of the day to create a sense of movement. The spaces will be unveiled at night to expose the lightweight steel framing, providing identity markers for tenants and users. The exterior experience will highlight the lightweight connections of the large-scale masses and identify the program with an overlapping material language. The new design offers new areas catering to multiple users while also providing common areas that connect indoor and outdoor public spaces for sitting and collaborating.

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B2lab, Inc.
Architecture + Multidisciplinary Design

8264 Hascall Street #204   Omaha, NE 68124

+1 402 964 2089

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