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Access Corporate 


Omaha, Nebraska


Founded in 2005, Access Commercial is a team dedicated to creating value in their communities by partnering with developers and management groups to access prime real estate, providing meaningful access to beautiful spaces to live, shop, work, and entertain. 

They were looking to relocate to a new office space with state-of-the-art amenities and more sustainable attributes, so they located an abandoned property in central Omaha. They began an entire development remodel of '70s and '80s building types. The floor layout reacts to the narrow floor plate and the client's need for enclosed offices and meeting rooms by using a storefront to allow daylight to penetrate through the rooms placed at the perimeter of the footprint and illuminate the center spaces. 

Business tasks range from Brokerage, Marketing, Construction, Finance, and Real Estate, so the space needed to provide intersectional common areas for collaboration and client hosting.

This includes a central hospitality lounge flanked by flexible conference spaces. Specific areas of privacy were sprinkled throughout the program for closing sessions and more private client interaction. With the two founders hailing from the Midwest and the Southwest, the design intent sought to merge simple vernacular ideologies with the Southwest overlay of texture and material.

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B2lab, Inc.
Architecture + Multidisciplinary Design

8264 Hascall Street #204   Omaha, NE 68124

+1 402 964 2089

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