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Infill House 01


Omaha, Nebraska


Infill House in Omaha is a clever solution for making the most of narrow city lots. It blends into the neighborhood by modernizing the classic front porch.

Inside, an open community area combines the kitchen and living space. The design opens to a backyard court because narrow lots often mean limited yard space. This court, surrounded on three sides, provides a unique outdoor experience, with full-height glass making indoor and outdoor living blend seamlessly—a feature not common in homes like these. For privacy, sleeping and private areas are tucked towards the rear and lower levels, creating cozy and intimate zones.

The design includes a central stair, peaked ceilings, and vertical windows, making the rooms feel larger. These features make spaces look more prominent and create surprising connections with outdoor areas, making Infill House a smart and effective urban home.

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B2lab, Inc.
Architecture + Multidisciplinary Design

8264 Hascall Street #204   Omaha, NE 68124

+1 402 964 2089

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