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Skyline Ranch Residence 


Omaha, Nebraska


The design methodology, an antithetical approach, layers and expands with the horizontal landscape – to create an inclusive harmony with the interior and exterior, experienced simultaneously.  Interior and exterior areas are diagrammed in private and semi-private transition zones. This allows the interior and exterior spaces to superimpose one another seamlessly, while maintaining levels of desired privacy. The house will open into itself and be arranged around a radial central core, while bestowing moments of outward facing attention to the horizontal surrounding landscape. 

To create movement, static expressions of horizontal transparency and opacity in vertical punctuations will interrupt a sequence based loosely on the motion of horses at a gallop.  This motion will continue in the use of materials extending and expanding through indoor outdoor space. Harmoniously enduring a rhythm of movement that will create a subtle balance to the horizontal arrangement and simple geometries that will ultimately define the home.

Photography: Tom Kessler Photography

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B2lab, Inc.
Architecture + Multidisciplinary Design

8264 Hascall Street #204   Omaha, NE 68124

+1 402 964 2089

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