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Sower Investments 


Omaha, Nebraska


Sower Investments Partners teamed with our studio to create a space that fosters an immersive and inspiring environment dedicated to retention and outward client-facing.    

After years in a leased, generic flex building space equipped with drab spaces, furniture, and even art, the team was ready for an identity.   

Pulling from the agricultural investment portfolio, our studio channeled the patterning of quilted rich farmland ariels employing section lines, pivot circles, and crop rows. With a diverse team and varying work styles from dedicated offices to more transient hoteling offices, the space needed layers of conditions suited for differing work styles. Tasks and needs were seamlessly integrated into collaborative areas and dedicated zones for focused work. 

The space features spacious training rooms that prioritize flexibility and adaptability. We strategically designed cafes throughout the office to amplify the company’s high-energy and ambitious culture, each offering distinct seating styles and vibes.   

These areas allow employees to choose the ambiance that best suits their needs and preferences. Additionally, we placed conveniently located print and coffee stations near workstations to ensure easy accessibility. 

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